DMPQ: How thermal power plants are detrimental to the environment?


Thermal power plants are the major source of energy in India. Nearly 65% of energy production comes from thermal plants. The energy is generated through coal heating process and then running turbine. But the energy generation is not a eco friendly exercise. Thermal power plant affect the environment in following way:

Air Pollution:      Particulate matter, gaseous emission- Sulphur dioxide, oxide of Nitrogen, Carbon monoxide, CO2, Hydrocarbon , fly ash etc.

Thermal power plants are largest emitter of Mercury.

  • Water pollution:  Plant Effluent, Coal Handling Plant Dust Suppression, Ash handling, Effluent from oil handling and transformer areas, Power House and Turbine Area Effluent.
  • Land Degradation: Untreated air and water pollutants from coal power plants affect the water and the flora and fauna of adjoining areas making them unfit for living or livelihood activities
  • Noise Pollution: Regular exposure to such high noise levels emanating from power plants from the usage of equipment like boilers, turbines and crushers, affects people working in the plants.

To conclude, thermal power plants are detrimental to environment and affect all components of Biosphere.


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