DMPQ- Write a short note on Big Data.

Big data is the huge amount of data which is present in an unprocessed way. It is a complex data. Big data is characterised by 3 Vs ie. Volume of data, velocity of data i.e. processed and complex variety of data. Big data has various useful application. The application of Big data can be seen in various fields. Govt. can utilise big data to analyse the performance of the schemes and policies. It will give them a chance to bring efficiency in the policies and programmes. It will act as a feedback mechanism.

Big Data Analysis can be utilised to bring transformational changes in various sectors like Healthcare, Agriculture, E-commerce, Disaster Management etc. The Big Data is useful to create Database which will help to perused the effect of programmes or schemes, behaviour of receptors or consumer, forecasting of natural hazards etc. It will be beneficial for both private and public sector. Data is new oil and India with its prowess in IT field can cash on it.

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