Social Audit

RAS MAINS REVISION: Part III Auditing and Accounting



Social Audit: It is a tool through which government department can plan, manage and measure non-financial activities and monitor both internal and external consequences of the department social and commercial operation.


Social Audit is an independent evaluation of the performance of an organisation as it relates to the attainment of its social goals. It is an instrument of social accountability of an organisation.


Objectives of Social auditing:

  1. To identify and measure the periodic net social contribution of an individual firm
  2. It help to determine whether an individual firm plans and strategies are in accordance with social principle.
  3. To make available in an optimum manner to all social commitments, relevant information of a firm.

Social balance sheet: Along with the items of financial balance sheet, social assets and social liabilities are also accounted and reported.


Expected questions:

  1. What is social audit?
  2. What are objectives of social audit?
  3. What is Social balance sheet?



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