DMPQ- What are the different sectors of Food Processing? Mention the differences between them.

  • The food processing sector comprises of three segments based on the levels of processing

Primary processing of food

  • Primary processing of food comprises of sorting, grading and packaging of fruits and vegetables, milk, rice, spices, etc.

Secondary Processing of Food

  • Secondary processing of food comprises of re-shaping of food for ease of consumption. It includes flour, oil cakes, tea leaf and beverages powder etc.
  • Together with primary processing, the two segments constitute around 62% of the processed foods in value terms.

Tertiary Processing of Food (or) Value Added Food Segment

  • Value added food segment includes processed fruits and vegetables, juices, jam & jelly etc and holds around 38 % share in the total processed food market.
  • MOFPI indicates the following segments within the food processing industry on the basis of the raw material used:
  1. Fruits& Vegetables –Beverages, Juices, Concentrates, Pulps, Slices, Frozen & Dehydrated products, Wine, Potato wafers/Chips etc.
  2. Fisheries -Frozen & Canned products mainly in fresh form
  3. Meat & Poultry -Frozen and packed food mainly in fresh form, Egg powder
  4. Milk & Dairy -Whole milk powder, Skimmed milk powder, Condensed milk, Ice cream, Butter and Ghee
  5. Grain and Cereals-Flour, Bakeries, Biscuits, Starch, Glucose, Cornflakes, Malted foods, Vermicelli, Pasta foods, Beer and Malt extracts, Grain based alcohol
  6. Consumer Foods– Chocolates, Confectionery, Soft/Aerated beverages
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