DMPQ- List out the Importance of Medical Microbiology.


Medical microbiology basically deals with the study of microorganisms that are both beneficial and harmful to both human and animal majorly. Branches of medical microbiology include Virology, Bacteriology, Parasitology and Mycology etc. Following are some of the major important features of the medical microbiology.

  • The major importance of medical microbiology is that it helps in the identification, isolation, diagnosis and treatment of pathogenic microorganisms and also produces beneficial organisms such as yeasts and some antibiotics.
  • Biomedical research derives from many areas of life and physical sciences, including biology. Biologists use microbiology to develop new methods for preventing illness. Microbiology gives the information which further use to create the vaccines and treatments for different diseases.
  • Companies often employ microbiologists to develop new products that kill viruses and bacteria. These scientists help to diagnose diseases such as meningitis and tuberculosis and help to prevent the spread of diseases by identifying, containing and treating disease in the human body.
  • The work of medical microbiologists is constantly evolving as new bacteria and infections are identified and categorized. Biologists use knowledge obtained from microbiology when studying the immune system.
  • Scientists study vitamin efficiency when determining the effect that vitamin supplements have on humans. Without microbiology, scientists would not have the ability to see the inner structure of a cell and learn how bacteria, viruses and protists develop, grow and infect other cells.
  • Microbiology plays a significant role in medical devices, such as fluorescent fusion, which is used for fast and precise detection of pathogens in tissue samples. It is a technology for carrying out immunofluorescence studies that may be applied to find specific cells in complex biological systems.
  • The biggest example of medical microbiology is that diabetics were given the injection of insulin obtained from animals. But due to massive demand and also compatibility problems as it was not human-derived, there was a need for some other source of human insulin. Then rDNA(Recombinant DNA) technique involving E.coli bacteria was adopted to produce large amounts of human insulin which are even safe.
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