DMPQ- What are the major thrust of India’s cultural diplomacy ?

  1. Know India Program – To help familiarize Indian Diaspora youth, in the age group of 18-26 years, with developments and achievements made by the country and bringing them closer to the land of their ancestors. KIP provides a unique  forum for students and young professionals of Indian Origin to visit India, share their views, expectations and experiences and to develop closer bonds with the contemporary India.


  1. Annual “Pravasi Divas” – To connect India to its vast Indian Diaspora and bring their knowledge, expertise and skills on a common platform.


  1. “Brand India” image as part of its outreach to a global audience.


  1. Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA) –The ICWA organizes events, including organization of Academic Conferences.


  1. Religion –The emphasis is on spiritualism rather than on religion per se, on yoga, vegetarian food, meditation and mental peace.


  1. Indian films


  1. Indian music and dance


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