DMPQ-Renewal Energy as an alternative.Comment.

The Way Forward  Renewable energy, which includes solar and wind, contribute 1% to our energy mix. Both are clean, sustainable and abundant sources of energy. The problem for both not becoming very popular has been the high cost of power. With technological improvements it has now reached levels where it is commercially viable to generate power. In times to come, the per capita cost of power is likely to come down further, making it even more viable and an environmentally favourable alternate to traditional fossil fuels.

Energy Security in India is the dream of the 21st century for the nation. And after implementing many policies will definitely move India an inch closer to achieve the dream. Huge financial investment especially in the energy sector is the need of the hour. CDM activities are equally important to sustain the concept of energy security. The new era of renewable sources will play a vital role in the nation’s target to be energy secured.


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