DMPQ :What were the reasons for dismal performance of Tribal Policy.

  • Quite often the funds allocated for tribal welfare are not spent or are spent without correspondingresults and sometimes funds are even misappropriated. The watch dog of tribal interests, Tribal AdvisoryCouncil has not functioned effectively.
  • Administrative personnel are either ill trained or prejudiced against tribals.
  • A major handicap from which tribals suffer is denial of justice, often because of their unfamiliarity withthe laws & the legal system.
  • Violation of strict land transfer laws for tribals, leading to alienation of land & eviction of tribals.
  • Rapid extension of mines & industries has worsened their conditions in many areas.
  • The progress of education among the tribal people has been disappointingly slow.
  • Exploitations from the forest officials and unsympathetic attitude of officials.
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