DMPQ :Water crisis is more due to anthropogenic factors than natural. Comment

India is facing the water crisis due to various factors and major reasons are decline in the per capita availability of water.

As per the above stats the water crisis is deepening and is going to create huge problem. Recently Chennai faced a severe water crisis. IIT Chennai was forced to shutdown for two months.  The majority of the reasons are anthropogenic:

  1. Rising consumption culture : flush toilets, showers etc.
  2. Declining civic sense and living in the myth that water is plentiful resource.
  3. Water pricing is a huge issue. Tariffs are low which reduces rationality during its consumption.
  4. Water guzzling practices in agriculture. The use of more water than the requirement.
  5. Rising unplanned urbanisation lead to non creation of sewerage, storm, water supply line. This led to more contamination and flooding of roads during excess rainfall.
  6. Industrial treatment of water is mandatory but the implementation is not upto the mark. This lead to heavy metals polluting the water.
  7. Business are not allotted as per the suitability of the geography. Example Textile business need huge demand of water and it shall not be allowed in water stressed areas.
  8. Urbanization on the river floods and river plain areas lead to ineffective recharging of groundwater.
  9. Not paying much attention to water harvesting projects.
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