DMPQ- What are the Main issues of Education in India

  1. Lack of infrastructureApproximately 95.2 per cent of schools are not yet compliant with the complete set of RTE infrastructure indicators according to survey conducted in 2010.They lacks drinking water facilities, a functional common toilet, and do not have separate toilets for girls.
  2. Number of boards causes non uniformity of curriculum throughout India so maintenance of quality standard is quite difficult.

    3. Poor global ranking of institutes
    Only 4 universities are featured in first 400 .This is largely because of high faculty-student ratio and lack of research capacity

    4. System of education
    Education is information based rather than knowledge based. The whole focus is on cramming information rather than understanding it and analyzing it.

    5. Gap between education provided and industry required education
    Industry faces a problem to find suitable employee as education provided is not suitable for directly working in industry so before that a company is required to spend large amount on providing training for employee.

    6. Gender issues
    Traditional Indian society suffers from many kind of discrimination so there are many hurdles in education of unprivileged sections of society like women, SC, ST and minority

    7. Costly higher education
    Very minimal amount of subsidy is provided for higher education so if student seeks to get chances of higher education still he misses out because of lack of economical resources

    8. Inadequate government Funding
    The demand for financial resources far exceeds the supply. Very small amount is available for innovative programs and ideas.

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