DMPQ- Mention the Enforceability of fundamental rights against state and others.

Under Indian Consititution, All the Fundamental Rights are available against the ‘State’ but only 4 fundamental Rights are available against both State as well as against Private Individual.

These Fundamental Rights are :

  • Article 15(2) – Provides that No citizen shall be subject to any kind of discrimination on the basis of his race, religion, place of birth or caste etc. It is available against every individual it means, if anyone does any kind of discrimination on the basis on any of the above mentioned ground, then he shall be liable for punishment.
  • Article 17 – Talks about abolition of Untouchability. It devises that anyone practicing Untouchability shall be punished.
  • Article 23 – Prohibits trafficking of humans and forced labour.
  • Article 24 – Prohibits employment of children in factories amd hazardous place.


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