DMPQ-What is the role of competition commission of India in ensuring a fair playing field? (ECONOMICS)

To ensuring a fair playing field, the Competition Commission of India endeavours to do the


  • Make the markets work for the benefit and welfare of consumers.
  • Ensure fair and healthy competition in economic activities in the country for faster andinclusive growth and development of economy.
  • Implement competition policies with an aim to effectuate the most efficient utilisationof economic resources.
  • Develop and nurture effective relations and interactions with sectoral regulators toensure smooth alignment of sectoral regulatory laws in tandem with the competitionlaw.
  • Effectively carry out competition advocacy and spread the information on benefits ofcompetition among all stakeholders to establish and nurture competition culture inIndian economy.
  • CCI’s intervention has promoted efficiency in markets by making the firms provide goods andservices at reasonable prices, produce quality products keeping the preferences of consumersin mind.
  • CCI’s interventions act as tools of social inclusion, reduce the price, drive consumer benefitsand enhance market access for the economically marginalised sections of the society.


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