DMPQ-What are quasi judicial bodies? Give some examples? (Polity)

Quasi-judicial bodies are such institutions which have power of enforcement of law but are notcourts. These bodies can inquire, investigate, summon & award legal penalties to anyadministrative agency. Generally these bodies have limited judiciary power in specialized areassuch as

 NHRC/SHRC in human rights violation

 CVC in corruption cases

 CIC/SIC related to RTI act

They lessen the burden of already encumbered Judiciary system. Since these bodies deal with

specific jurisdiction, experts in the particular field work for dispute resolution. Thus expertise is

a major advantage.Such bodies usually have powers of adjudication in such matters as: breach of discipline,conduct rules, trust in the matters of money or otherwise, Their powers are usually limited to a very specific area of expertise and authority, suchas land use and zoning, financial markets, employment law, public standards, and/or aspecific set of regulations of an agency.


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