DMPQ:What is the difference between the V schedule and VI schedule of the constitution?

While both the areas under 5th schedule and 6th schedule have dominance of the tribal people, constitution calls them with different names as Scheduled Area under 5th schedule while Tribal areas under 6th schedule.

While executive powers of the union extend in Scheduled areas with respect to their administration in 5th schedule; the 6th schedule areas remain within executive authority of the state.

While 5th schedule envisages creation of Tribal Advisory Council , 6th schedule provides for District Councils and Regional Councils with certain legislative and judicial powers.

In 6th schedule more autonomy is granted as compared to area under 5th schedule.Governors of four states viz. Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram are empowered to declare some tribal dominated districts / areas of these states as autonomous districts and autonomous regions by order. No separate legislation is needed for this. The Governor also has power to include any other area, exclude any area, increase, decrease, diminish these areas, unite two districts / regions, and alter the names and boundaries of these autonomous districts and regions.

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