DMPQ: What were the main features of the Nature of peasant movement in India?

The characteristics of Peasant movement were:

  1. Movements were localised in character and did not leave and successor.
  2. The revolts were against the zamindars and money lenders. Unlike Tribal uprising the movements were not against the British colonialism and their exploitative policy.
  3. The revolts were characterised by hindu Muslim unity.
  4. Pre mutiny the movements were highly unorganised but Indian National congress leaders gave a direction to the movement. Gandhian tools of satyagraha and non violence were used to demonstrate the grievances.
  5. The movements were against the high rents, no relief during agrarian distress, exploitative policies of money lenders, shunning of land rights and transfer of land to big landlords, low remuneration for agricultural produce.
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