Outline the major differences in International criminal court and International court of justice.


Basis of diff ICJ ICC
Year of estb. 1946 2002
Relationship with UN Official court of UN, Commonly known as world court Independent, not governed by UN. Prior sanction of UN is not mandatory for launching of prosecution.
HQ Peace place, Hague Hague
Jurisdiction UN member states, Can give advisory opinions to UN bodies Individuals accused of crimes. Uses international law
Type of cases Sovereignty, boundary disputes, maritime disputes, trade, natural resources, human rights, treaty violations, treaty inetrpretation Genocide, Crime against humanity, war crimes, crimes of aggression
Source of authority Derives authority from UN charter, non UN members can also become members by ratifying the ICJ statue Rome statue
Appeals ICJ decision is binding. UNSC can review if states do not comply. Appeals Chamber, according to Rome Statute.
Funding UN funded contribution from state parties to the Rome Statute; voluntary contributions from the U.N; voluntary contributions from governments, international organizations, individuals, corporations and other entities.




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