Assam in the second half of the 17 Century- the Ahom-Mughal Wars – Mir Jumla’s Assam Invasion- causes and consequences

Mir Jumlas , governor of Bengal led an invasion under the reign of Arungazeb in 1662. It was the mightiest of all the mugal invasions in assam,his fleet comprising 12,000 cavalry, 30,000 infantry, and a fleet of 323 ships and boats.The naval contingent comprised Portuguese and Dutch sailors.

Baduli Phukan who was the commander in chief of Ahom contingent deserted to Mir Zumla along with many of his followers seeing the overwhelming force of Mughals.Mir Jumla was able to occupy the Ahom capital in Garhgaon and Ahom king Jaydhwaja Singha fled to hills.However the dispersed Ahom troops under Atanu Buragohain made constant guerrilla attacks called as Daga Juddha on Mir Jumla troops causing much causalities and Mir Jumlas troops were unable to adjust to the climate and were dying due to Malaria and Cholera.So at the end a treaty was signed known as Treaty of Ghilajharighat.One condition in that treaty was that Baduli Phukan along with his family and some others who allied with Mughals should be allowed to go with Mir Jumla unmolested.Thus Baduli Phukan went to Dhaka and died there.

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