Assam Fisheries



Present Status:

Fish occupies an important place in the lives of the people of the State and fish farming has been one of the common activities in the rural areas. Thus, the Fishery Sector is considered as an important economic activity in the socio-economic context in the state of Assam.

Assam is endowed with vast fishery resources in the form of rivers, ponds, derelict water bodies, beels covering about 2.85 lakh ha. in addition to the two major river system viz. the Brahmaputra and the Barak with their tributaries

Fisheries department in Assam has a mandate to increase fish and quality fish seed production, identify and promote research and studies on fisheries and allied areas, promote scientific fish farming, provide extension services to fish farmers, anglers and fishery entrepreneurs with a vision to achieve self-sufficiency in fish production through sustainable fisheries management practices. The sector has registered an annual average growth of 5.36% during the last three years of 12th five year plan.


Government Initiative:

Govt. of Assam has taken many steps to increase the fisheries production in the state of Assam. Presence of rivers like River Subansiri,Brahmaputra, Dhansiri, Barak creates a lot of opportunities for exploiting vast fishing grounds.

Mukyamantri Matsya Vikas Yojna :

Under the Mukyamantri Matsya Vikas Yojna(MUKHYAMANTRIR MATSYA BIKASH ASONI) construction of fishing ponds, development of community tank/beel/lowlying areas has been promoted in the state.

Special emphasis has been given for women and people from backward classes. Capacity building of women entrepreneurs for production of value added fish products has been included in this scheme. Women will be supported in forming self help group and start their own business.

Fish and Fish seed farming:

Assistance to fish farmers/vendors for fish marketing and harvesting (in the form of bi-cycle & hundi, Cast net, Drag nets etc) under the scheme Fish and Fish Seed Farming (SCSP)

Assam Agricultural Competitiveness Project: The World Bank supports this project. To ensure comprehensive development the components / sub-components of the project presently targeted are:-

  1. Capacity Building & Institutional Development of Fish Seed Production and Distribution
  2. Fish Production (Farmers Pond & Community Tank)
  • Integrated Fish Farming Development of Beel
  1. Fisheries Demonstration Projects (Air breathing fishes)


Although, Assam is not among the largest fisheries production states. It has vast potential of being so, because of various development project and fishing grounds.


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