Mineral Resources of India:Non Metalic

Limestone M.P, Chattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan
Dolomite Orissa (Birmitrapur in Sundergarh District-largest in India), M.P & Chattisgarh
Phosphate Rajasthan (Udaipur) Uttaranchal (Dehradun), M.P. (Jhabua), U.P. (Lalitpur)
Kaolin Kerala is largest producer.
Mica Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand (Kodarma-Large) & Rajasthan
Gypsum Rajasthan & J & K.
Steatite Rajasthan. It is also called soapstone/ Potstone.
Magnesite Tamil Nadu
    Pyrite   Bihar is sole producer    
    Graphite   Orissa, Rajasthan    
    Diamond   M.P. (Panna)      
    Beryllium   Rajathan, Jharkhand    
    Salt (NaCl)   Gujarat (60%), Tamil Nadu & Maharashtra
    Marble   Rajasthan      
    Zircon   Beach Sand of Kerala    
    Kyanite   Singhbum distict in Jharkhand-largest. Used as refractory material
    Antimony   Punjab      
    Asbestos   Karnataka & Rajasthan    
    Beryllium   Rajasthan      
    Sulphur   Tamil Nadu      
    Tin   Bihar, Jharkhand  
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